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Tail Spend and Contract Management Optimisation Services

nView is a service owned and operated by iDev Software Solutions Pty Ltd.

iDev Software Solutions is a Melbourne based company that specializes in internet application development. iDev has been providing Software Solutions to large and small companies in Australia for 20+ years. Over a number of years we have developed a suite of web applications to help manage contracts, projects, legal matters, supplier and client relationships, timekeeping and project benefits.

The nView CloudCMS suite is targeted at helping;
  • corporate legal counsels
  • procurement professional
  • sales professionals
improve the way they work and manage information.

This suite is delivered on a subscription basis as the nView Cloud

Visit our corporate website www.idev.com.au

Contact our product registrations & application support teams here

Our clients and users of nView include some of Australia's largest and most well known companies.

You can trust and rely on local support and infrastructure for high performance cloud based applications and superior user experiences. Our high availability, Australian based application servers and data centres maintain your information securely and reliably 24/7/365.

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